First Impression: “The Mary Kay Look” Beauty Products

I recently received some products in the mail from Mary Kay to try out and review! I am part of an awesome program called Influenster and I received these products for free, however my reviews are honest and unbiased! I was given these products to share them with my followers, not simply to promote the brand.


I’ve never tried Mary Kay and so I did not know what to expect from the products and so far, I’m impressed! This is a first impression post, so I may follow up with more detailed reviews, but here is what I think so far!

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in I ❤ Black ($15.00)


This mascara really blew me away! With just one coat on my top and bottom lashes, I saw a big difference. The mascara separated and lengthened my lashes and kept them looking natural. I’m sure after curling and adding a few more coats I could also create a more dramatic look. I would definitely use this product in my everyday makeup routine. I also used the mascara primer I received underneath.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color / Concealer Brush ($10.00)


I needed this brush. I used it to apply the cream eye shadow from the box and it glided on so smoothly! The brush I’ve been using for cream shadows is all right, but it is not meant for the creaminess of the products, it is meant for powder. I’ve just been too lazy to buy another brush. I decided to use this new brush for the shadow rather than concealer since I already have a few concealer brushes. I am really happy with the quality!

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15.00)


I’ve never used a lash primer before and I am still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I think I need to use it under my everyday mascaras to see if it makes a difference. I expected it to be white, like some similar products I’ve seen, but it is invisible. I could hardly tell there was anything on my lashes, which is probably a good thing since I wouldn’t want to accidently leave any white spots if I missed anything with my mascara. I’m interested to keep trying this product because I don’t think I would ever spend the money on it myself, but it could change my mind.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22.00)


I’ll be honest, purple is not my favorite color for eye shadow and $22.00 is overpriced in my opinion. I’m a fan of drugstore prices, so I would never spend that much unless I was splurging on a designer brand, but I won’t say no to a free product! I like the color under my bottom lash line, however. I am not as impressed by the shadow as much as I am by the mascara and it is much more expensive. Bottom line: I will use the product, but I would never spend that much on my own and I probably wouldn’t pick the color myself. I like low prices and neutral colors.

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18.00)


This color is beautiful, but the formula is not my favorite. It is a little too creamy for my taste, but I could make it work with some powder underneath. The color is a very pretty pink and I’m actually obsessed with the packaging! The tube is so sleek and compact. I’m a huge fan of the color; I just want to experiment with the formula a little more.

Image  Image

Image  Image

Overall, I am extremely excited to continue to use all of these products! I would never personally spend so much on the products. (The whole box adds up to $80.00!) So far I believe that the mascara and the brush are worth the money and I am curious to see how my opinion evolves with the other products. I don’t believe I’ve ever spent $18 on a lipstick, much less $22 on an eye shadow. I’ve never even owned a lash primer, so I will see how I feel about that as I continue to try it out.

I am definitely impressed with the value of the box and very grateful for being sent so much! I love experimenting with new products and discussing them with my followers. Please let me know if you would like a further review after more use or if you have any questions or comments!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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